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Friday, January 09, 2009

Are you skeptical of unschooling?

I have to do a "mid-year report" for the superintendent so I wrote this summary of what the kids learned the past few months and WOW! They learned a lot!! I consider myself an unschooler. I've evolved into that over time as I became more comfortable with child-led learning. I do no lesson planning, have no curriculum and do about five or ten minutes of actual instruction a day (mostly handwriting and two or three math problems). But check out this list of accomplishments!! I believe strongly in a child's innate desire to learn and believe that unschooling is the ideal way to facilitate learning. Public schooling is, in my opinion, a good resource if you have to use it. It shouldn't be the default option for all children though.

(For more information on unschooling, I recommend the book Homeschooling our Children, Unschooling Ourselves.

MATH: Long division, times tables, +, -,/ and x fractions, some algebra, some geometry, pi, tabulating savings rates, counting money
CAMBODIAN: Vocabulary
PHYSICAL EDUCATION: At the YMCA- swimming, racquetball, basketball, obstacle course and cardiovascular exercises on machines. At home- dancing, running games like tag, football, sledding.
WRITING: Cursive. Lessons on the proper use of conjunctions, possessive "its", the proper spelling of there/their/they're, capitalization.
SCIENCE: Rocket launching, pH experiments, decay, polymers, bones
READING: Listened to a reading of Otto of the silver hand and Golden Goblet. Read various books on his own including the entire Twilight Series (6th grader) Max the Muddy Puppy and Worst Person's Christmas (3rd grader)
CRITICAL THINKING: The strategy board game: Puerto Rico
SOCIAL STUDIES: Attended a political rally in New Hampshire, a protest in Boston and a nomination party in Westford. Assisted in door to door campaigning to get out the vote. Participated in the voting process on election day. Vaguely informed about the economic crisis. Some American culture lessons.
ART: Drawing an anti-tobacco poster, sketching dragons
LIFESKILLS: Memorization techniques, internet navigation, learned to skewer beef Teriyaki, personal hygiene, baby care

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  • At 1:23 PM, Blogger Maggie said…

    ITA with you about the benefits of homeschooling. And they sure did learn a lot! Life teaches a lot, right? :D


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