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Friday, December 26, 2008

A wonderful Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas. I hope you did too. We did something different this year and it was pretty successful. I called it "Three days of Christmas". Christmas eve we spent with my husbands family- spending the night there. Then Christmas day we went to my family. And then we waited til the next day to have "our" Christmas. It went well. I didn't want to try to squeeze it all in and get stressed out.

The two funny stories from this year were: the nice Adidas outfit Timmy bought me. It was just a little too small. We debated returning it. Finally we decided we should. Though it was discouraging to me that I was returning a size X-Large because it was too small. But then it occurred to me, "Honey, did you buy this in the juniors department". My husband said that he must have. But it got even better than that. When we got to the store, it wasn't just the juniors department. He got it from the KID'S section!!! :) Yeay. I'm not that fat after all.

The second story is that we did a Yankee Swap for the first time with my in-laws. They're all big gamblers. (roll eyes). So, in a not-so-surprising, but absolutely hilarious turn of events, eight of the eleven gifts exchanged were scratch tickets. (roll eyes again). I picked one of the real gifts given- the DVD "Wall-e". The other cool thing was that I had a "feeling" about one of the scratch tickets (which is very unusual for me). So I told Timmy which one to pick and my feeling was right. We won forty five dollars. (shrug shoulders). Maybe it was coincidence. But I always felt that I am sensitive to the spiritual world.



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