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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Nursing: the family business?

You know how, in the good ole days everyone learned a trade from their father and then, maybe joined the family business? Well, I think there were some real benefits to that. We are lucky to live in an era with so much freedom of choice, but I think we've reached the point where it's become more of a negative than a positive. Without a natural career track to follow, there is too much opportunity to flounder, to not know what to do, to pursue random tracks and waste money in college. Yup. I said that. My generation was totally hoodwinked into borrowing tens of thousands of dollars for college and being trapped into a life of debt with those loans. Add to that the fact that a college degree no longer guarantees a decent paying job... and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Since health care is turning out to be a super safe job in this economy, I've been thinking that I should train all my kids to become nurses right out of high-school. If there's something else they want to do, then, by all means, they are free to. But at least this way, they all have a back up plan or at least an in between job when they're getting their careers up and running.

So I've started teaching them nursing knowledge whenever it is relevant to make the transition to nursing school easier. Like, yesterday we were playing with a pH kit, testing liquids and turning them more acidic and more basic. I concluded the "lesson" by informing them that the body maintains an optimal pH through urinating and breathing, among other things. :) Then today I started teaching them the names of all the major bones in the body. And the other day I mentioned that the medical term for peeing is "voiding". See? A little of this every day and they'll all wiz through nursing school and have a fabulous back up career- or if they want to go on to be surgeons that'd be cool too.


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