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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Language barrier or just rude?

The headline in today's local paper is "Language Barrier led to stabbing". A lot of the coverage of this stabbing was about what a nice family man this victim was. No one has mentioned that he was kind of a jerk to all the customers. I think it's dumb the way our society sugar coats the lives of the recently deceased. Maybe if reporters told a more well rounded story than people will think twice about being rude to strangers. Not that he deserved to die. But to imply that this murder was over a language barrier or prejudice just isn't true. They're saying this because the murderer reportedly said, " "You don't even speak English." But have you ever heard the study that says that only 7% of communication is done via words? Rodriguez understood exactly what the victim was trying to tell him when he lost his temper and stabbed him. It's a sad sad situation all around. But let's do some better reporting, reporters.


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