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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An ice storm and a metaphor

An ice storm blasted Eastern Massachusetts this week. Downed trees took out power lines all over. Tens of thousands of people lost power for days. And with the bitter cold, it was more than just "inconvenient". We lost power for two days. So did my brother and wife and my cousins lost power for three days. We all ended up at my parents house for some time. There are some who still don't have power.

What was really surreal to me was how one neighborhood had no electricity and the next neighborhood went on living life like nothing was different. There were pitch black houses right next to houses lit to the roof with Christmas lights. There were people in living in bitter cold right next to people shopping for Christmas presents. I'm not saying we are a cold hearted society. Certainly everyone who knew someone affected offered their help. But... a lot of people don't know each other any more.

And more than that, I really saw it as a metaphor for life. What a strange thing life is. That one person can be suffering right next to someone who is blessed and full of joy. It's so random. It seems. It doesn't seem right. It doesn't seem fair. Why? God. Why?


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