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Saturday, November 08, 2008

An unusual torture

My father in law is buying a car. He likes newer, luxury models. The kind of car that says "This driver has class". My husband, the dutiful son, is going with him to help him make the purchase. He knows a lot about cars, and even more importantly he can translate for my father in law, who speaks no English. There is just one, itty bitty problem. My father in law requires that his car have cassette deck in it to play his Cambodian music. No, he will not allow my husband to burn his tapes onto CD. No he will not use a tape deck converter- that would be beneath him. Try being the poor soul who must endure hour after hour, day after day of car searching. Looking for that perfect, classy car that, for some reason, has a cassette player still in it. Imagine trying to talk a stubborn man out of the excessively priced car, which appeals to him because it plays tapes. Well, at least I get a good laugh out of our pillow talk at the end of the day.


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