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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Robot doctor

At my clinical today they introduced us to the new robots that a doctor can use to visit a patient from another location. (Home, another hospital, etc). The doctor can assess the patient, even zoom in to assess pupils. A nurse can listen to the heart, lungs, bowels with the doctor. There is a phone on it for private conversations and the robot can even print out a prescription for the doctor right then and there. Apparently, these are big in Michigan and California. But Lahey Clinic is the first in the Northeast to get it.

I was really impressed. My immediate thought was, "Are they utilizing these in third world countries?!" The lady I asked said no. A part of me is really inspired to move to rural Cambodia, open a clinic with one of these robots, and give remote farmers the same access to brilliant doctors as you or I. Since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a nurse or missionary in the jungles far away. One of the first books I wrote was called "S.S. Hope" about a nurse on a medical boat. I wrote that in fifth grade. I can't remember the plot line. I should dig it out and read it. Or maybe I should just let it remain a good memory, as the story is probably embarrassingly silly.



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