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Friday, November 07, 2008

At least we're homeless!

My husband got laid off. The whole company shut down because it was run on investment capital and... well, I can only imagine that after the stock market dropped, investors wanted to take their money out of anything risky. Thankfully we're homeless already, so there's no worry about making a mortgage payment. ha ha. I do feel bad for his coworkers though. Everyone was completely blindsided by this. And with the holiday's right around the corner, it's just... really sad.

I'm actually happy about it, because I had a huge dilemma about what to do next with nursing. I really need some ER experience if I want to get hired in the ER when I get my degree. Now I can apply because he can be home to watch the kids (particularly if I work the night shift, which is likely). The timing of this was perfect for me.

But he's really bummed. And he's hurt/mad that I'm not more sympathetic. I told him to give me some specific instructions on how I can help (like not mentioning the layoff or something). But he said that I can't pretend my feelings are different, so there's nothing I can do. Sigh. So I hope he busts out of this bad mood soon enough.

Oh, and I'm homeschooling Wolfie now too, because it was becoming clear to me that he needed more individual attention. He was acting out in school. I decided this the week before the (surprise) layoff. The timing of it was perfect though, because now we're all home together. It would have been cruel if we were all home except for Wolfie, who we would send off to school every day.


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