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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Skip the Rotavirus vaccine!!!

My first three babies never got as sick as Saphira did after her shots. She got a really high fever. And when I talked to my other friends with new babies they all reported high fevers after shots too! One even went to the emergency room and her baby went into seizures!! :( Out of curiosity, I looked back at the 2004 immunization list to see what the difference is. It was Rotavirus (which, if you remember, was briefly offered between Brandon and Wolfie and then was pulled off the market because it caused bowel intussusception.) This recipe seems like it could stand to be pulled from the market and fine tuned also.

Yesterday was Saphira's six month shots and I passed on the Rotavirus (and flu). Guess what? No fever. So I am fairly certain that the rotavirus vaccine is causing all of these high fevers. Brain frying is an unacceptable risk/outcome of this vaccine in my opinion. My son, Brandon, had the deadly strain of Rotavirus. I KNOW what the risks of it are. He caught if from a girl who became so dehydrated she was hospitalized. The only reason he wasn't also, was that he breastfed for comfort so he had a continuous source of hydration. It was horrible. But it was managable. And I would rather risk that than guarantee my baby a severely high fever.

Ironically, I am the biggest vaccine defender amongst my online friends. The anti-vaccine crowd is pretty serious now days and I regularly take them on in debates. But for this shot-they're right. Don't sign for it! Don't give it to your baby!


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