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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The latest in nursing school

We're learning how to interpret ECG's in school and today it all started to click for me and I'm loving it!!

"That squiggly line means A-fib and the patient needs coumadin and a cardioversion.
That squiggly line means a first degree heart block with no treatment necessary."

And as graduation nears I'm starting to give thought to my first nursing job and right now I'm leaning towards ER nurse. I love the thought of all the excitement and actually saving people's lives. I want to work in a major medical center, not a dinky local hospital that med flights off all the interesting patients. I'm thinking of applying in January as a tech. so that I can get experience before all the responsibility of the RN license. If I do end up pursuing that it will be an adorable "happily ever after" movie moment that day I walk in as an ER nurse because I spent about ten years of my life adoringly watching ER every Thursday (even making it a point to turn it on after giving birth to Brandon and Wolfie).



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