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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


The number of homeless families in Massachusetts has skyrocketed because of this economy. You can officially count us as one of them now too. We went to the Dept. of Transitional Assistance and got placed last week. It costs about $500 a month to heat a home this winter. That's just more than your average lower class family can afford. We're happy here in our little motel room. It has a nice back yard and a big window. Everyone here compliments me on how well behaved my kids are, but mostly they're probably noticing Brandon. He's become a very polite, decent young man in the recent months. (I credit the time we spend together in homeschool). I cook and do laundry at relatives' houses. And I drive Wolfie to school and still go to nursing school myself, so my life is still pretty normal. Timmy is still working. We're saving for a mini-van and our own place (because right now the whole family doesn't fit in our car *legally*). I am slightly obsessed with the economy at the moment. I guess it was the perfect storm: reading that book (Maxed Out), our own family being unable to sustain itself, then the bailout and subsequent stock market drop. I watch economy discussions on CNN constantly. And there is this thing called "Gold Parties", which is like a tupperware party of the 21st century. I totally want to save up for the kit and start doing them. But instead of selling the gold back to the bank I'll hoard it for that upcoming Great Depression Numero Dos.

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  • At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    OMG What happened? I thought you were living w your inlaws?

  • At 3:18 PM, Blogger Deena said…

    It was a combination of a whole bunch of things... kind of complicated... overcrowding and Timmy wanting some space from his family and it just wasn't fair to the kids to keep them in the windowless basement one more winter- especially while homeschooling Brandon- it's the worst cabin fever to be down there in the dark 24/7.


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