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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Documenting more of my brilliant child

Yes, another obnoxious proud parent blog posting... (feel free to skip this)

OK. My Saphira. She is SO SMART!!!!

Yesterday we were at a relative's house and a viscous dog was barking outside as the kids were heading out. I grabbed my three year old neice and pulled her inside real quick because I couldn't tell if the dog was loose or not. I had Saphira in my other arm. Later that night it was hot inside so I took her to the porch to breastfeed. In the background that same dog barked. Normally my baby is able to follow my cues. If I'm not scared, she won't be scared. But this time she wouldn't accept my reassurance. She looked around alarmingly until I brought her in. I was amazed and thought that this was surely advanced behavior for her age.

So I googled it and sure enough I found the following milestones listed under 10-12 months:
"Able to interpret the emotional expression of familiar adults"
and fear is listed as a newly learned emotion.

Saphira is only six months though. (Proud pause) Yes. My daughter has a high EQ. I guess that shouldn't surprise me though, since that is a stregnth of both her father and I.



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