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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Y gets an E for effort

I just got back from the corniest family event ever. But hey, I give the YMCA credit for trying. Every quarter they host a "Flick and Float" in which they show a family friendly movie for people to view while floating in the pool. Sounds like fun, right? My husband asked if they'd play it on a little TV and I exclaimed that of course they were going to project a huge screen on the wall. But to my dismay... they rolled out a little TV. Then they roped off a tiny area in front of it and asked a dozen kids to be quiet in a pool and watch the TV. ha ha. I imagined it tipping off the table, electricuting us all, and how our obituaries would read that we died at the "flick and float". The life guards were two young teenagers who had never done it before so they vigorously enforced small rules to show their authority. Anyway, it was still kind of fun. We didn't stay long, but we've been wanting to go to it for a long time, so at least we got our "flick and float experience".

Another really cute family event the YMCA attempted last month was a doggie race in the pool. (This was the day before the annual pool deep clean). We went to it, even though we don't have a dog. Only three or four showed up. And the race didn't exactly happen. The dogs were mostly afraid off the water, but they eventually got in and rescued their favorite toys. One of the dogs was a beautiful Newfoundland. Brandon fell in love with it. And I was reminded again that that's the kind of dog I want to get some day. It was sort of beat by a cute mutt in a "race" but you could tell it was the best swimmer there. He wasn't even trying. Obviously a natural born swimmer.


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