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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Police Details

I used to think that police shouldn't be paid outrageous amounts of money (in overtime pay) to detail construction jobs. That's what Gov. Patrick is trying to change. But today I change my mind. Once again because of the economy. Police get paid about 60,000 a year-which in Massachusetts is just barely enough to keep a family above poverty. The police details help bring their pay to closer to $100,000 - which in Massachusetts, believe it or not, affords you a moderate middle class lifestyle. Nothing fancy. And that's working lots of overtime!

Another reason it's important to pay our police well, besides the fact that they risk their lives for us, is that the type of people who go into law enforcement are naturally aggressive, smart, fearless. And their line of work provides temptations to use their skills to make easy money illegally. Why tempt them? Let's pay the good guys well so that no one is tempted to behave immorally to support their family.


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