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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Body Alignment

The past few days my son has had tremendous pain in his cheek. He couldn't sleep and it made him cry and guzzle Motrin. I took him back to the dentist because he got a filling on that side of his mouth last week. I was Sooooo impressed with the dentist, who took the time to carefully diagnose the problem Then he adjusted his bite by filing down the filling/tooth a little. And it fixed the problem!!!! Can you believe that a tiny change in jaw alignment could cause such intense pain?

A similar thing happened to me several years ago. (Like most people) one of my legs is longer than the other. I thought I would fix it by putting a thick shoe insert into the shoe of the shorter leg. Several days later I experienced the most intense hip pain. Guessing that it might be related to the shoe insert, I took it out, and the pain went away.

Isn't the body amazing? How perfectly aligned it is, that something so little can throw it off?!


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