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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wouldn't have expected that

I was surfing the web tonight, as I often do, and I found this fascinating study about impoverished countries. This last paragraph was startling but good food for thought. Read this:

"What lessons can we draw from the experience of the past twenty years that would help Least Developed Countries’ future growth? There may be three.

The first lesson, and an obvious one, is that less war and less civil strife are key.

Second, the reliance on multilateral lenders is unlikely to help the poorest countries.

Third, the much-touted positive roles of democracy and higher education are very difficult to
discern on the basis of the empirical evidence alone. Indeed, it could be that both are primary goods, desirable in themselves, instead of purely instrumental goods acting as tools for higher income. In that sense, democratization and better education in poor countries are worthy goals, but neither seems to be an instrument for economic development—particularly so if other enabling conditions, like peace, are not present."



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