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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Stuff that's going on

  • Well, right now I'm doing everything possible to not study for my final exam which is in three hours. I memorized the Arterial Blood Gas numbers. That took five minutes. The rest is just going to have to come from my huge depth of knowledge. tee hee.
  • Right after the final my parents are coming and we're going on our yearly camping trip/church retreat. It's the highlight of my year. My chance to act Thereauish for three days.
I'll be swimming at a lake that looks like this and diving off a dock similar to this.

  • Tonight is the Pat's first preseason game! Yay! I'm wearing my jersey. We'll listen to it on the radio as we drive to New Hampshire.
  • In typical hypochondriac fashion I am convinced I have a disease. This time it's dystonia because I've been twitching more and more at night. And my aunt has dystonia. Time will tell.
  • We put in carpeting, so the place looks much nicer. We wanted to do it before Saphira started crawling.
  • I forgot to tell you a long time ago that we got Saphira's ear's pierced. She's so beautiful! (And fat!)


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