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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Reflections on my lap. chole.

It went off without a hitch! Recovery is a million times easier than last year's tonsillectomy. I'm quite pleased. Now for some reflections...

It was really fun to be an almost nurse during this procedure. I understood everything. All the lingo. All the notes they wrote. I don't remember it being like this last year so I really must have gotten my wish this past clinical- that I would finally feel like a nurse. In the PACU, after surgery, I noticed my IV wasn't running. I was concerned about dehydration being NPO (nothing by mouth) and breastfeeding. Luckily it was a simple gravity drip with a normal solution (lactated ringers) sooooo I opened the clamp and let it drip. tee hee.

In the PACU there was a 7 month pregnant girl with hyperemesis. She was a student nurse too. We had a lot to talk about. That was nice.

One of the nurses and I chit-chatted about breastfeeding and she said how wonderful it was and how she breastfed her first for four months, her second for six months and then (gasp) her third for eight months because "she knew it was her last and she didn't want to stop". She said it all embarrassed like eight months was a ridiculously long time to breastfeed. I just smiled politely. But sometimes I'm so embarrassed by medical professionals (my peeps) who give us such a bad name to crunchy moms when they show their complete lack of knowledge about basic holistic stuff.

Before the surgery, in the pre-op I met a paramedic intern who was going to be inserting my endotracheal during surgery. (He did a great job. My throat isn't sore at all). We had a nice talk about medic school and nursing school. A year ago when I got to watch a cholecystectomy I had noticed that the patient was fat. At this point, in pre-op, I was feeling guilty for that fleeting moment of judgement and I was sure this was some sort of punishment- being at my fattest at the moment. Sooooo, I couldn't help myself. I told the intern to please not think I'm fat- because I just had a baby. How silly am I? Oh well. I couldn't help myself. He got kind of flustered and said I look great. But I warned him that he might think differently when I'm (laying naked) in the operating room.

In the operating room they were playing party music. I thought it was really neat. They asked me if it bothered me and I said no, it's just like on TV. Everyone laughed and said that that is their goal- to make it look just like on TV. (lol). Then I was like "Did you give me something?" cuz I felt all woozy and they said yes. I was out cold within a minute. Either I was dreaming or it was the last thing I heard before I knocked out but I remember hearing them talking about my Timmy tattoo. They were joking that if we broke up I'd have to get it covered with a tattoo wrapped around my ankle.

The one thing that shocked me about the whole thing was how fast it was!! I walked in at noon and was wheeled out of the hospital five hours later without a gall bladder!! Timmy ran errands the whole time! The Yankee in me was quite impressed- that part of me that values efficiency- especially in light of today's health care costs.

Saphira was a good girl- didn't even drink formula (it gives her diarrhea anyway. I'd rather she wait.) The nurse (and Timmy) were all paranoid about the drugs in breastmilk, but I had researched it before-hand and once you're awake the general anesthesia is out of your system. And the morphine I was on for pain is one of the safest pain medicines for breastfeeding. When the nurse instructed me to pump and dump when I got home I played along. I did monitor the baby for signs that it was affecting her, particularly breathing, but she was fine. (And Dimitri said it tasted the same. haha.) Another cool thing is that whenever I breastfed my pain level decreased substantially!! How cool is that? BF endorphines are no joke!


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