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Monday, August 04, 2008

RAD kids

I've been thinking about Reactive Attachment Disorder. It happens when a mother doesn't respond to her baby's needs. That child grows up to not trust people. They manipulate, live in the moment and lack conscience. A lot of these kids end up adopted. I have the utmost respect for the parents who love these kids. They have the patience of a saint. Here is a heartwarming story of parents who saw their son through RAD. Unfortunately, not all RAD kids can be cured. They have to choose to love and to trust again. Some of them never do. There is no magic bullet.

I think a lot about RAD because of my baby girl. Being a mom to a babe is a constant, never ending task. And its the most rewarding. When she cries for me I would climb mountains to get to her. I think of the babies whose mothers aren't responding- maybe they are dead or gone - I'm not judging them. But for some reason a baby's cry is not being answered. I imagine the pain in that baby's heart as I look into my own childs eyes and sing to her. I can understand how that could make you never love again.



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