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Friday, August 29, 2008


I went to a party to watch the Obama speech with other supporters. It was fun. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a better chance to "interact". Next time I'll go to the party that specified that there would be a debate or dialogue- I can't remember the exact wording. I also thought it was strange that people mingled and talked up until his speech. I mean, true football fans don't talk through the game even during a superbowl party.

Anyway I met a few nice people. One older man who lived within walking distance of the party really clicked with me. He is an RN too! And he just had a friendly smile.

I had one foot in mouth moment when I asked a man if he was gay and he wasn't. In my defense I didn't think he was gay!! It's just that we were talking about gay marriage and about why that is one of the reasons we are Democrats.

I brought Brandon so he will pick up my zeal for politics. I may also take him neighborhood canvassing with me, in NH, (a swing state, you see).

Here's a great graph of Obama and McCain's tax plans.



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