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Saturday, August 30, 2008

How we're making it

I'm happy living where I am for now- in a small basement. We don't have to worry about gas prices this winter. New England is going to be hit so hard. Everyone I know is just scraping by and this winter it's going to take $500 a month to heat a home, with the rise in gas prices. I think a lot of people are going to have to pray for their daily bread, literally. Truthfully we've been living that way for about six months now. Somehow God always provides the food. This week for the first time I got enough extra money to store some food for those lean weeks.

The only thing I miss in this basement is the fresh air and sunshine of the great outdoors. There's no windows here. And I'm totally an outdoorsy person. I painted a big mural of a window scene of NH mountains, next to my bed. That's my fantasy: to live in a cabin in NH.

Two nights ago my son had a brilliant idea. He and his friend were camping in the backyard and he put the tent on the trampoline. It is SO comfortable to sleep in. I slept there last night and I'm going to sleep there again tonight. Maybe every night until it gets cold. I love the fresh air and the cool breeze and looking up at the stars and the morning sunshine pouring on me. I can just imagine that I'm in a cabin in NH. Until someone's car alarm goes off, that is. (And it did last night. doh! )

I also like to look online at full time camp nurse job offers. I imagine taking one of them next year when I graduate. My husband isn't interested but I might be able to convince him. We definitely will be moving on after I graduate. I just have no idea where.


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