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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Homeschooling once again!

After a three year break (while I was in school full time) I'm back to homeschooling! (Brandon, ironically. Wolfie wanted to go to public school). Today was the first day and it went great. We did a puzzle of the United States outside on the trampoline (N. E. autumn's are the best!!!!) Then we started a mystery book we're reading that takes place on the freedom trail (I forsee a field trip).

In math I taught him exponents from our pre-algebra book. I had a few "thank goodness I'm homeschooling him" moments, like when he didn't know 7x7 off the top of his head. Stuff that won't be missed with the one on one attention at home.

After dropping off Wolfie I stopped by the middle school to tell them why Brandon wasn't there (because we decided this at the last minute so the Superintendent hasn't had time to approve our plan yet). While I was there the principal asked if I was a student. tee hee. She asked my age and told me I look 16. ha ha. And when the secretary went to get the guidance counselor for me to talk to she said "I'll tell them that you're Brandon'sss (pause)" and I filled in "mom". Ha ha. I feel so young.



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