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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Better than finding a typo

One of my most "white" traits is my adoration for grammar. In fact, if you read this post, it's totally me. I take great pleasure in finding errors in print. Sometimes I'm able to restrain myself but I have been know to write an occasional letter to the editor. Well, yesterday I partook in an even more satisfying pleasure than finding a grammar mistake. I found a factual mistake (rather, lie) on Wikipedia and I edited it. (If you listen carefully you can hear angels sing: "hallelujah") The article was on hyperkalemia and the first treatment listed was "urine therapy, full body message and lots of laughter". Um no. So I removed it. Go me. Go me. Someday I'd like to write an article for it too. And add to other articles.

And while I'm on the subject of Wikipedia, I'd like to vent about the lack of respect it gets. People automatically discount it because it is editable by anyone. But, in my opinion, that's what makes it better than any other source. It is held to the standards of EVERY expert out there. And yes, occasional crap, like I found, slips into it. But you can verify everything questionable by going to the footnotes and using them as a source.


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