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Friday, July 25, 2008

An actual plan to cut poverty in America in half in ten years

I am really impressed with the plan that John Edwards is touting: "Half In Ten". It has some excellent initiatives that, if implemented, really could cut poverty in America. I like how it has specific proposals, not just happy-love-joy-peace-warm-fuzzy talk. Here are the twelve proposals (for more details click on the link above):

1. Raise and index the minimum wage to half the average hourly wage.
2. Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit.
3. Promote unionization by enacting the Employee Free Choice Act.

4. Guarantee child care assistance to low-income families and promote early education for all.

5. Create 2 million new “opportunity” housing vouchers, and promote equitable development in and around central cities.

6. Connect disadvantaged and disconnected youth with school and work.

7. Simplify and expand Pell Grants and make higher education accessible to residents of each state.

8. Help former prisoners find stable employment and reintegrate into their communities.

9. Ensure equity for low-wage workers in the Unemployment Insurance system.

10. Modernize means-tested benefits programs to develop a coordinated system that helps workers and families.

11. Reduce the high costs of being poor and increase access to financial services.

12. Expand and simplify the Saver’s Credit to encourage saving for education, homeownership, and retirement.

Some of these used to be controversial to me. (I roll my eyes at my previous naivete). Maybe someday I'll get in the mood and blog in defense of some or all of them.

A part of me is so excited that someone is focusing on poverty in America. Another part of me thinks that we should be focusing on global poverty. Another part of me thinks we can do both.

A part of me hopes that Obama picks Edwards to be his running mate. Another part of me hopes he doesn't so he can continue to focus on "Half in Ten".



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