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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Constitutional Right to Bear Arms UPDATED

My opinion on handguns has wavered in the past, but I was really impressed with this feature on Nightline yesterday about a group that promotes the open carry of handguns where its legal. I've always worried about kids dying from handguns, but this group really gave me food for thought. Right now, where I live anyway, it's only the criminals who have guns. What if that changed? What if the law abiding citizens carried guns? I think that would change the dynamic of society a little bit. I think it would be a crime deterrent. And maybe the criminals would get cocky and attempt an occasional open carry. Then the cops could bust them and send them away for a loooooooooong time. Watching that show has made me consider getting one myself. It allayed my biggest concern- about someone grabbing the gun from someone's holster. Those people all had holsters that locked the gun in. Just a few hours ago the Supreme Court upheld the Constitutional Right to bear arms. This is definitely going to be a big issue in the coming years.

UPDATED: My online friend, Katherine said it even better than me and she gave me permission to quote her:

"It's not logical to assume that adding well-trained, conscientious, law-abiding citizens gun owners to that picture will produce more [violence]. For all we know, it might affect the balance positively, or it might not affect it at all, if the violence really is mostly gang-on-gang. More guns does not = more death. That's the same logical fallacy as more guns = less crime. It's just not that simple and neither result can be traced back to that one sole factor. "

And my IRL friend said something that cracked me up: "WWJC" (What would Jesus carry?) ha ha.



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