Trying to raise my kids the best I can

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well I tried

That's why this blog is called Trying to raise my kids the best I can.

The kids are on school vacation this week. So I'm determined to do something motherly every day, instead of letting them veg out on the video games all day every day. Yesterday we took a two or three mile walk to a nearby park. Today, I thought, since it is Earth Day we could pick up some garbage. We were at their cousins house so we went to the park near his house which is sooooo ghetto. It's usually pretty trashed. I dragged the kids away from the video games and to the park. Strangely, there wasn't as much garbage there as I was expecting. So I ended up picking up dozens of pieces of glass from the mulch (that the parks and recreation crew would probably never get to). My good deed not only benefited the earth but the little neighborhood kids who were running around barefoot. (yikes!) My kids just played. So oh well. The day's not over so I still might be able to get them to pick up garbage outside our house. But if nothing else they got some fresh air and saw the example I set for them.


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