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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Update on Wolfie

Remember the day before Saphira was born I spent the afternoon in the Emergency Department because of Wolfie's stomach pains? Well, I think I got to the bottom of that. After we left (with no better clue of what the problem was) I knew that it was time to do something about the problem. I'd been putting it off because I knew what a commitment it was going to take, but the problem was really starting to impair his quality of life. So I took him off wheat. I figured it had to be diet related or parasites because it was too ongoing to be viral. (It was going on two years). Wheat was the natural first choice for an elimination diet because he once broke out in hives from my breastmilk after I ate a loaf of homemade wholewheat bread (had to go to the E.D. for that too!) Well, my first guess and I think I nailed it. He's been off wheat for a month and hasn't been sick or in pain since. And his behavior/mood swings have improved drastically!! Just call me House. As in House M.D. He's my idol. Which is why I added a picture of him to my sidebar... the sidebar pictures are a good smorgasborg summary of Deena: the wannabe House, lactivist, blogging, reading, Patriot fan. :)


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