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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Other baby notes

She's nine days old. The birth seems so long ago now. Isn't that funny? She brings me so much joy. It makes me want another one. That always happens though. Luckily I don't ovulate for about two years. I forgot to mention in the birth story that the cord was wrapped around her foot a couple of times. We didn't notice it until we went to cut the cord- which was a while after she was born.

After the birth the midwife was concerned that I was bleeding too much. She gave me cytotec for that. (which I agreed to because I wasn't pregnant any more). It didn't seem like an unusual amount of blood to me though. (shoulder shrug)

Saphira came out with a red eyelid and nose and lip. We think it's just bruising from coming out so fast. Time will tell. Because of that, I agreed to the vitamin K shot at birth.

I got to hear Timmy's version of the events. He was about as overwhelmed by the birth as I was. He said that he was really concerned about being in this big, unlocked house, with two women, -one of whom was his wife in labor- and how he would protect us if someone broke in. Next time I'll make sure the doors are locked, so he doesn't worry so much about that. It was a valid concern. There is basically no security. It's not like in the hospital. On top of that, was just the basic medical concern that it was just him and a midwife. (Imagine the panic if I'd actually gone through with an unassisted home birth. ha ha). When my water broke he stepped out of the room because it was too much for him. He went to the front door to see if the other nurse had arrived yet. But that's when things got crazy. He heard the midwife telling me to stop pushing and he knew he had to man-up and help. That's when he came over to restrain me. I didn't even know he had stepped out of the room. Obviously I was a little distracted.

She's such a good baby. She hardly cries, but expects to be held and fed all the time. I don't mind though. There's nothing else I'd rather do. (It's even curing me of my internet addiction). She has tachypnia (fast breathing) so I had to bring her in for an EKG and chest x-ray, but they were normal.

In nursing school I learned about angular cheilitis, which is a fancy name for cracks in the corner of your mouth. It's caused by iron deficiency. I found it fascinating that I got angular cheilitis right after giving birth - when I'm sure my iron levels were extremely low. Knowing the cause however, I popped iron pills like candy (Ok, not exactly) and it cured in me in just days. That was pretty cool.

My transition back to school (so far) has gone amazingly smooth. Timmy gives her a bottle while I'm at class. Since she's so young, she isn't protesting to it. (thankfully). I only missed one lab, but I've already learned what I missed and next week we have the catheter certification and, assuming I pass, I'll be right in step with the class again. Whew!



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