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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I murdered our pet

OK... more like "put it out of its misery". Timmy had this beta fish. He didn't take good care of him so about a year ago I put it on the front porch with a bunch of free stuff- hoping to find it a good home. But Timmy protested, so we kept the fish. Then a couple of months ago the fish got sick. He has languished on the bottom of his bowl on his side since then. I kept asking Timmy to please google beta fish diseases and buy his pet some medicine. But he never did. It was just getting really pathetic and nasty to look at. So finally I talked Timmy into flushing the poor thing. As he dumped the fish in the toilet I prayed "Please be a painless death. Please be a painless death." (I would appreciate no comments describing how fish die in the sewer system. Thanks.)


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