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Monday, April 14, 2008

Cloning Humans

I was just sitting here thinking about the implications of human cloning. People get so horrified by the idea, but I really don't see the moral problem with it- other than the riskiness of it- the huge potential for loss of life... But if it were 100% successful the new human would have a completely different soul (just like in twins). And the new person would have incredibly valuable genetic information. For instance, if I cloned myself I could ...
  • get my daughter acne medication when she turns 11
  • warn her of her need for an SSRI when her anxiety disorder kicks in
  • get her involved in competitive sports at a young age- perhaps earning her a college scholarship
  • nourish her artistic and writing talents
etc. etc. Wouldn't that be just the coolest? Now, if I actually had the choice to do it, I wouldn't. I'd rather God decide what genetic being I get to raise, but a human clone would have some pretty interesting advantages.



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