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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Breastfeeding the older child

I consider myself a lactivist. My rule of thumb for weaning is that it should be done after the age of one when either the mother or the child is uncomfortable with the breastfeeding relationship. One of my sons self weaned at 1 1/2 . The other one I weaned at 4 1/2. This time I'm tandem feeding. It helps to have family support since extended breastfeeding is uncommon in this society. The two most important supports: my husband and my mother, have both got my back when it comes to this. Of course, what could my husband say when his mother regales us with stories of him breastfeeding til he was five? It does strike me as slightly funny that my three year old son tries to breastfeed by challenging me to a contest of "rock, paper, scissors". If he wins he gets to breastfeed. If I win I can keep cleaning the house. Good grief.



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