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Saturday, April 12, 2008

2 Opportunities to give

Not all charities are equal. For instance, the Procter and Gamble campaign to give pads to African girls so they wouldn't miss school: caused a lot of raised eyebrows amongst my friends. It didn't seem right to push an expensive item onto an impoverished group of people, getting them hooked. Many of my friends, even here in America, use reusable pads (or diva cup) for ecological and health reasons. So I thought this project to send reusable pads and teach them how to make them was a neat one.

And this good Christian woman is trying to send 1,000 Crocs to Mozambique:

My husband and I have taken a few trips to volunteer with friends of ours working among orphans and the extreme rural poor of Mozambique. And as simple as it sounds, you would not believe how helpful just a pair of good, durable shoes can be! Women walking several hours each day to get water, children outside all day long, and shoes are incredibly difficult to come by. So people get worms through their feet, and simple cuts become really bad infections. It would be so easy to make a huge difference just with a pair of shoes. I like the Crocs idea because they're durable, light-weight, relatively cheap to buy and to ship, and fun. Want in on this great project? Here are some suggestions...

1) Do you or your kids have a pair of used Crocs shoes lying around that you'd like to donate? Stick them in an envelope and mail them to me.
2) Order some from (kids or adults sizes) and take advantage of their free shipping to send them to me.
3) Collect used ones from your kids' friends at school or from folks at church, and send them to me. Perhaps a box in their classroom or your church lobby?

My address is:

Chelsea Vessenes
69 Halifax Street
Boston, MA 02130


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