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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Jellybean

We adopted Jellybean from a local rabbit rescue organization about two years ago. We got him the day before Easter (purposefully) so I was going to rename the rabbit "Easter"- but "Jellybean" was close enough, so we let him keep it. Whoever named him that will never know the irony of his name. This is one strange rabbit. He won't eat fruits or vegetables but he loves to eat candy!! They couldn't have know that because he was rescued from the woods (but "wild" bunny's are not white). We always have to keep a look out for candy on the floor where he roams around. (Bunny's are easily litter box trained).

I'll admit I went looking for a replacement bunny for my Bugzy who died two years ago. I wanted another white rabbit just like him. So that's how we ended up with Jellybean. My middle son who went with me claims, to this day, that we should have gotten another rabbit. Perhaps he's right. Jellybean isn't the friendliest of rabbits. He likes to lunge and growl at my three year old. We just laugh when he does that though, because he wouldn't know how to kill a bug, let alone hurt a person. I love him to death though. He's my *other* baby. I like to cradle him and I know he trusts me because he always lets me pet and hold him.

I recently admitted to my husband that I'm allergic to Jellybean. He makes me sneeze and when I hold him my eyes get itchy. But you couldn't pay me to give him away. I love him SOOO much. My husband knows this. So despite his repeated threats to give away or eat my bunny I know he'd never do that to me. Sooooometimes he likes Jellybean too.


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