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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

My almost-11 year old has his first sorta-girlfriend! It's so exciting to watch. A whole new phase in life! She gave him a teddy bear so he wanted to get her one for Valentine's Day too. He won't say her name but the big question is: what race is she?? We have theories on our kids: that Brandon will tend to go for the Asian girls and Wolfie and Dimitri will tend to go for the white girls. Anyway, the whole thing is adorable. Here's the picture he took for his myspace. I'm "borrowing" it. tee hee.

We went to Walgreens to buy Valentines and candy for the kid's classmates and a teddy bear for Brandon's crush. It's two days before payday so we had to wrap all the coins in the coin jar to come up with some money. It totaled $17. When we got there we ran into Timmy's Aunt who we haven't seen in a long time and she gave the boys $10! What a blessing. Our purchases totaled $23 so we couldn't have done it without her generosity. The Lord does provide.

The other crazy thing that happened was when I was in the checkout line I looked over and saw my three year old in the other line prying open a box of medicine. "Dimitri Manasseh!" I firmly called and grabbed him by his jacket. The young woman in line grabbed him too and looked at me angrily and shocked. I looked at her confused. Then looked down at the child... It wasn't Dimitri. "Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! I thought he was mine!" I said. Dimitri walked up and I said "See, he's got the same red jacket" and she said "and the same hair". I was so horrified, but at least she understood.


  • At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My dear girl that could only happen to you!!!


    Hope Part time is going well... I'm going to read some more of your blogging tomorrow... which will hopefully be a snow day and therefor a break from clinical!!



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