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Friday, February 01, 2008

OK! I give up! I'll take the iron pills.

I've been anemic this pregnancy but haven't taken any iron pills yet. There were multiple reasons:

  • Why take it? I'm always anemic - pregnant or not. Supplementing with iron pills or not. It makes me think that maybe my body is supposed to be slightly anemic, especially since the increase in blood volume during pregnancy naturally brings with it some anemia. I also read that iron decreases immunity- I don't know if that's true or not but it fueled the flame of ambivalence.
  • Laziness/busyness I've got so many other pills to take and if I take iron and multivitamins I want to separate it from the others to prevent interactions. If I take iron I have to try to take it with vitamin C but avoid dairy which blocks absorption... That's just too much work. I'm lucky to get down my medications.
  • Vitamins Shmitamins I eat a healthy diet: plenty of fruits and vegetables and meat. That should be enough!
But... you saw the foreshadowing of this "but" in the blog title... I give up. I think my anemia is seriously interfering with my ability to function. I get out of breath walking up stairs. (I consider myself an athlete). I have near-fainting spells if I ever stand in one place. I am struck with sheer, incredible exhaustion. It just can't be normal. So I give up. I'll start supplementing.

Also, my new midwife gave me a lecture about taking my prenatal vitamins and she made an excellent point. She said that a first time- even a second time- pregnant mom has some reserves for her baby. But when you've been pregnant and breastfeeding for 10 years straight like I have- my reserves have got to be depleted. She's right. I've got to start taking the prenatal vitamins too.


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