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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Zingers from Cartoons

I watch a lot of kid's TV shows - because my kids are watching them. Every once in a while the writers will slip in something that just cracks me up. There was this SpongeBob episode: "Doing Time" in which Sponge Bob, who is learning to drive, hits a truck full of fruit punch, knocking it over. It showed various scenes where the punch spills and one of them just killed me... This old, old man stops writing and says "I'm finally done writing my life story in red ink"... and then the punch floods the room, wetting the paper. AAAAAAHHHHAAAAAAAHHHAAAHHAHAHAH

Then there was a good line from: "My Gym Partner's a Monkey"- I added this one to my Facebook quotes. It's just so non-sensical, but typical of psychobabble: "Self exploration is a slow and painful journey, filled with metaphors, haiku's, and facsimiles" Gotta love that!



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