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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our big break

Timmy's dream came true and mine did too, both on the same day! He got our family a new SUV today, which means we'll all fit when Saphira comes. The miracle is that we got it under his name with the low interest rate of 4%. It's got three rows of seats which makes me happy because that means I can have two more kids and we'll still all fit. ha ha. I call this "Timmy's" dream come true because he's always been a car guy and I'm definitely not. I get kind of embarrassed by nice cars, like "think of all the starving African children you could feed for that kind of money". But we really did need a family car. I do love it too.

My dream came true, when my friend reminded me of another birthing center in our state, (which means it would accept our state health insurance). I had considered it before but dismissed it because it's connected to a hospital so I thought it was crunchy in name only. Today I called them and asked if they do water births and if they'll accept a woman due in March. The answer was yes and yes and they asked me if I could come in today (for a check-up)!!!! I went in and it's absolutely perfect!!! All my "deal breakers" are OK:
  • I can water birth
  • I can have whoever I want there/as many people as I want
  • The picture/filming policy is "don't ask, don't tell"
And as a nice bonus they'll also let me:
  • decline the vitamin K shot for the baby
  • decline the eye goop for the baby
I didn't ask about catching the baby but I'm sure it's fine. I'll ask next time. There are also a few things that make it even better than the birthing cottage I wanted:
  • It's free for me
  • The tub is bigger :)
  • I can transfer to the hospital afterwards for two days of peace and quiet without the older kids
I'm so happy. We haven't had a break in so long. It's an amazing feeling.



  • At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Rachel said…

    YAY! Good for you Deena...I'm happy things are going so great.

  • At 10:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm so happy for you Sweetie - You all deserve it!!!!


  • At 9:32 PM, Blogger Shannon said…

    Woo-hooo! What exciting news!!!!

  • At 8:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oh good I dont' have to call 911 then!




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