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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The semester is over (whew)

It's finally over. I'm half way through nursing school- three quarters if you count the pre-req's. I think I safely speak for my entire class when I say I'm burnt out. But miraculously every single one of us passed! (praise God!). This baby has caused me to switch to the part-time/evening program in January and I'm so grateful for the change in pace.

On our last clinical day we got together for presentations and reflections on the semester. Nearly all of us cried, but I have to say I cried first and the hardest. I told everyone how much I'm going to miss them.

Some clinical highlights...
  • The elderly woman who I really connected with. She raved about her niece who visited her. But on the last day I found out from the site nurse that she was really very neglected and that no one cared or visited her. I grieved for her.
  • The stroke patient who I spent so much time with and bonded with. She had right side paralysis but moved her leg for the first time when I was dressing her. We shared the moment of triumph together. Nobody else seemed to care. But we both knew how special it was.
  • The gal bladder surgery I got to witness. My first experience since school started that really satisfied the scientist in me. My classmates laughed and told everyone how I came out of the surgery wanting to be a surgeon. I was so pumped that day.
  • The flu clinic I got to do. I honed my injection technique and by the end I was smooth as butter and joking with the nervous men "How are you today?... Good until now, right?"
  • The alzheimers day care center I went to that was so well run and impressive that I told my mom "I'd put you in there". We had a good laugh over that one.
I'm (really) glad the semester is over with and will never forget the classmates who endured it beside me.

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