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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

good times

I actually had a very relaxing and happy Christmas. Maybe I was in such a good mood because Timmy cleaned the house with me and went to the laundry mat with me to do practically all the laundry in the house. I got a few cute little pink things for the baby. I get happy whenever I look at them.

And we had a nice time with family too. (Both sides). My in-laws got to talking about the citizenship exam because my sister-in-law is scheduled to take it in February. She listens to a CD with facts about America on it. It's very cute. So we were all quizzing each other "Who's the Vice-President?" "Who's the President's wife?" "Who's the Governor?" The one thing she knew that I didn't know was President Lincoln's assassination date. Impressive. Then we all laughed hysterically as they retold the story of how her husband got kicked out of the immigration place when they asked him who the first president was and he said "Bill Clinton". good times. good times.


  • At 12:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good Luck to SIL!



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