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Friday, October 05, 2007

Why I'm proud of my husband

A lot of people probably think my husband is a loser or maybe just lazy. But they don't know the truth. He hasn't had a steady job in about two years and honestly, it's killing him inside. He qualifies for facility management positions that pay $60-80,000. He goes on interviews all the time. But he always gets denied because of his criminal record. It's so sad. All he wants to do is work hard the right way and put food on the table. You know why I'm so proud of him? Because his brother is a drug dealer and he lives a very nice life right in front of my husband's eyes. And he's always asking my husband to join him. When the chips are down and the bank account is negative and employers are telling him he's worthless because he's a criminal - any other man would say forget it - I am a criminal. But he resists temptation. Today he put his temp agency rep. on speaker phone so I could hear for myself that he was denied a job because he was overqualified. It tore his heart out. But we trudge on. We hold out hope that May 15th will be a new start. That's the five year mark from his conviction (nine year mark from the crime though). That will allow him to get through five year background checks and may be just the break he needs to get a job.


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