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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What a relief!

My good friends know that I am a very competitive person. My favorite story exemplifying this was in China when I went for a massage - apparently they do it very differently in China. Instead of trying to relax and soothe you - at least my massage therapist anyway seemed to be trying to break me. It was an unspoken competition between me and him. He dug into my muscles as hard as he could, just waiting for me to say "enough". But no way was I going to give him that satisfaction. So he ended up sweating profusely and panting exhaustedly, and I went home very sore. ha ha. Good times. Good times.

Anyway, back to the point of this post...last semester I was comfortably smarter than all of my classmates (if you're reading this, classmates - just kidding ha ha). But this semester an Indian woman transfered in who is an LPN to get her RN and I've been quite disturbed to find that she is just as smart as me - sometimes (gasp) she even knows things I don't know. This is the stuff of my nightmares. And her being an LPN isn't a good enough reason for me- that's just one semester more of nursing classes. I understand I'm not the smartest person out there. And I'm anticipating being somewhat of an average student when I get to med school. But this is a community college we're talking about! I can still up the ante in med school because as it is I don't do any reading and I'm still pulling off an A-although that's quickly slipping as this pregnancy and school DO NOT MIX. (tee hee. I sold my text books this summer because I knew I'd never actually use them. I'm such a slacker). OK. OK. the conclusion to my story... So today we were introducing ourselves to our clinical instructor and my rival friend there told us how, back in India (when I was still in high school!) she was a college Anatomy and Physiology professor. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Well that explains it. What a relief. (By the way, we're good friends).

As an aside, after 6 weeks of very miserable school this semester, today was my first really good day! I actually learned a lot of interesting stuff. I was eating it up. Things like: clubbing of the nails indicates smoking or COPD, and a triangular slit in the iris indicates a previous glaucoma surgery, and what happens when you become incapacitated without having a Health Care Proxy. Now that's the sort of stuff that fascinates me. Not all the boring sh** we spend so much time on.

As another aside, I once heard that labor and delivery nurses often retire from that and go into hospice care; that the two specialties are similar because they deal with the entering and leaving of this world. Ever since then, I've always thought I would love to do those two things - especially because I have so much peace about spiritual matters - peace that I hope would be felt by my patients in their time of need. Anyway, today I've been thinking that when I graduate I would maybe like to be a hospice nurse serving AIDS patients. I have the desire to be Jesus' hands to physically and emotionally hurting people. In two weeks I get to shadow a hospice nurse. I'll pray that God would use that experience to make His calling for me more clear.

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