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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Struck a nerve

Last week I was called to the Dean's office where I was handed a highlighted copy of my blog. It had been sent to the president of the college and the head of public relations. Although I'm flattered that they have taken note of my writing, the ten minute interrogation I was subjected to was really inappropriate. The dean attempted to intimidate me by drawing far fetched comparisons from the things I've written to violations of the American Nurses Associations guidelines. Not only did my writing strike a nerve with the school, but they struck a nerve with me. I feel like my free speech is being trampled on and I just want to fight back, but I'm trying my temper myself with the knowledge that there were no winners in the situation, just a lot of hurt feelings all around. The situation is particularly sad (and ironic) because I am one of the biggest MCC fans around. I rave about the college to everyone I meet and encourage all to attend.

If they were to read this I would ask them what exactly they had hoped to accomplish. Will scaring me into silence be the end of all student venting online? Will it send a message to the student body that I have crossed a forbidden line? Most of the student body doesn't know I exist. Stopping me barely puts just a dent in the online venting. For instance, I easily found the following online references to MCC that include a negative comment about it. I know none of these students. Are you going to call each and every one of these students in with highlighted copies of their writing to condemn? Or will you perhaps acknowledge and address their concerns or engage in a healthy discussion of ideas online - the very epitome of what college education stands for? - Dethklok Tom - 20 - Male - WALTHAM, Massachusetts - - ed - 20 - Male - WILMINGTON, Alabama - - Big Jim - 86 - Male - Van down by the river, Massachusetts -
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  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger Anne Basso said…

    Oh my gosh! I know I've never said anything negative about my employer, but I am cautious enough that I removed all the times my work name appeared in my blog when I transferred it to Wordpress. I'm also very careful about talking about work and giving away any information that could be construed as violating patient confidentiality. But this is a whole new area of ethics. I haven't seen anything wrong with anything you've written, but I think making the blog private was a good choice.


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