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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I think, therefore I write

I think I have a unique nuero connection between thinking and writing. I swear! I started thinking about this at the Pre-med conference. There was a girl there who kept raising her hand to talk about herself. It was very irritating. At some point in the afternoon I looked down on the paper I had been doodling on and I saw the word "ANNOYING". I had no recollection of writing it, but clearly I had written it during one of this girl's monologues. So that incident got me thinking about this and I remembered a bizarre habit I have- when I drive and listen to the radio (this is funny) I move my thumb in the shape of the first letter of each word of the song that is on the radio. Crazy, I know. But then yesterday one of my classmates pointed out that during class I write in cursive with my index finger- something I had no idea I did. So you see?! I think, therefore I write! It's such a instinctive part of me and that is partly why this blog means so much to me. If I can't write my mind would just explode.


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