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Sunday, October 14, 2007

"I only have to do two things in life: stay black and die"

I went to a Pre-med conference at UMASS Medical School in Worcester, which is where I'm hoping to attend someday. I learned some good things and met some great people. One of the things I really took away from the conference is that life is all about choices. For instance, the speaker, Dr. Hines said that we should not take any of the required science courses over the summer. One of the students raised her hand to say "but I have a full time job and I have to take summer classes and I ..." Dr. Hines cut her off and said "You don't have to do anything. I always say I only have to do two things in life -stay black and die. I don't even have to pay taxes. I could go not pay and to jail if I choose to. Life is all about choices". Wow. She cut right to the chase with that one. And it really hit home for me. Do I want to be a doctor? Well there will be some huge sacrifices. Either I choose to make them or I don't. It's as simple as that. Honestly, the glimpse I got of Medical School today was eye opening. I'm not even sure I could do it while raising six kids. That's a choice I may have to make. But the Anesthesiologist I was talking to reminded me that Nurse Anesthesiology is a good option for me (and one I have seriously considered).

I was told to apply to 5-15 medical schools-which probably seems kind of obvious to you, but that hadn't really occured to me. I was planning to go to UMASS Med school because it's wicked cheap and wicked close and UMASS Lowell feeds into it, making it a natural choice. Frankly, I'm not sure I want to uproot my family and take on hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt to be a doctor. Perhaps I'll do something crazy and only apply to UMASS Med school as well as the Northeastern Nurse Anesthesiology program and go whichever direction the door opens for me. I don't know. That's a long way off anyway.

Ironically, a part of me is repulsed by the idea of raising kids while in Med school- my Dad spent my entire childhood getting his Doctorate and frankly I'm a bit scarred from it. I don't want to put my kids through that. But another part of my childhood spurs me toward this goal. The part where my parents lovingly homeschooled me and sacrificed to put me in a private school and it was ingrained in my innermost core that I can do whatever I set my mind to and that I have God-given talents that I am responsible to cultivate and use. And that drive to bloom is so deep inside me I just can't push it down.

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  • At 12:35 PM, Blogger Anne Basso said…

    That's tough. I'd approach it with a lot of prayer. If it's what God wants you to do, He'll see you through the sacrifices and keep your family strong. And Lord knows, we need more caring professionals.

    I have often said that I believe what I am doing is a calling. Not that many people enjoy working with the elderly, and by ministering to them, I truly feel that I'm given the opportunity to minister to Christ.

    I'll pray for you, too. *hug*


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