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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I almost fainted in clinical today Part I and II

PART I It was just a pregnancy thing, but the timing was horrible. I was just starting my med pass in front of my professor. This was my first time doing it in front of her so it's really important that I do all the checks correctly and be knowledgeable about all the drugs I'm giving. So as we're going over the charts I said I felt light headed and I sat down to finish the checks. Then we went to the med room and I just couldn't stand up long enough to get the meds. So the nurse took over and I'll have to do it tomorrow. But what awful timing. It could have seemed like I was just trying to get out of the med pass or something. Luckily she knows I'm pregnant so that helps.

PART II. THE NEXT DAY: If yesterday was bad, then today was a nightmare. First I screwed up by not knowing what three of the 10 meds were for and fumbling with my PDA forever to try to find them. Then my professor took me in the hall to tell me that I had really screwed up. And at that point I literally started to black out. All the blood rushed from my head and all I could see was some spots but I was NOT about to sit down now. Then we go to my patient's room - I still could barely see, let alone think. I sat on the bed, plopped the cup of pills on the patients tray and said as cheerfully as I could muster "Do you have any questions?". My patient took the medicine and then my professor called me to the hallway again but this time I couldn't get up because I was still very lightheaded. I told her I'd be there in a minute. After she left I burst out crying. My patient and my fellow student nurse comforted me (My patient was so cute. She said it was her fault for having too many medicines). Then I dried my eyes and my head started to clear and I knew that I had REALLY screwed up because I hadn't checked my patients wrist band to identify her (which is really for show, since there is no way I could mess it up - having worked with her and only her for three weeks). I found my professor and told her I knew that I forgot to check the ID. My professor was relieved but still very concerned and said that she was waivering about putting me on warning - which means if I screw up again I'm out of the program forever. Ugh. Nursing school is SO stressful. I'm not the only one cracking. One of the other girls in my class started a fight the other day in class over nothing at all. We're all stressed to the max.

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  • At 5:23 PM, Blogger Anne Basso said…

    As a pregnant working nurse, I have to ask, are you eating? Please start clinical days with a healthy breakfast including plenty of protein. Drink LOTS of water, and watch your posture. Don't lock your knees in front of the med cart. Flex your calves to keep blood pumping back up. Wear a pregnancy support belt when your belly starts getting bigger.

    TAKE YOUR TIME with your medpass. You can do this. And if you ever need any encouragement, please e-mail me. Nursing school is hard enough! *hugs*


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