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Friday, October 12, 2007

For my New Horizon's readers

If you attended New Horizon's church with me you will appreciate this story. The other day I was driving to the grocery store when I saw David Wallace walking along the sidewalk. I pulled over and rolled down the windows to say "hi, Dave!" You won't believe what he said!! He said "You must be confusing me with my twin brother. I'm Frank". Can you believe it? We knew him how many years and he never mentioned that! They are the spitting image of each other. But something about him is slightly different - I can't put my finger on it - maybe his voice? We had a nice conversation. He guessed that I was one of David's church friends. I told him I go to the Baptist church and that a lot of his other friends go to CCF. He said Dave lives in my area. I said "How many times do you think I waved at Dave and it was really you?" But he said he'd never seen me before. What a strange world we live in.


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