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Monday, September 17, 2007

The sweetest victory

This past week's football news centered on the scandal of the Patriots videotaping the defensive signals at last week's Jets game. It was really painful for us Patriot fans to watch because our beloved Patriots' name was really dragged through the mud. People jumped on the opportunity to vilify our team and many even claimed that we are winning because of our cheating and not because of our skill. Whether it was the Patriots or someone else, I frankly don't see what the big deal is. Couldn't anyone with a photographic memory or a high tech small camera be getting these signals? I'm sure many teams are doing it. If they are such secrets then shouldn't defensive coaches use a more high tech approach, like blue-tooth technology to communicate with the team? But the Patriots were made into an example - we lost a first round draft pick and the coach was fined a huge sum.

So Sunday night we played the Chargers- a team who talked trash about us all week. We had a lot of pent up anger about it and we were anxious to put on another display of a talent led victory (not cheating). And in the end that's exactly what happened. We completely dominated. I was ecstatic.



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