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Thursday, September 13, 2007

First baby appointment

The ultrasound was heaven on earth- seeing my baby. He danced and danced. All my other babies jumped, but he was a dancer. (Don't officially know the sex yet though). After three babies you'd think it would get old. But it doesn't. It's the most wonderful thing in the world.

So much happened today! It started when I woke up and looked in the mirror and noticed that I'm getting my abs back. Can you believe how skinny I've gotten?! And I'm three months pregnant!!! Morning sickness is such a fabulous diet. Last night (I swear) I had this conversation with my growling stomach:
"what's that?
You say you're hungry?
Why is that?
Could it be because you threw up the perfectly good meal I gave you?
Well maybe next time you'll think about this before you throw up."

That'll teach it.

Then today I had my first doctor's appointment!! My husband cracked me up at the appointment when he walked out of the exam room - in front of the nurse!- and took a domestic violence brochure off the wall and put it in his pocket. Yeah, I beat my husband. He's such a clown.

Yeah, I give him regular beat downs. He fears me.

As my closest friends know I'm medically extremely knowledgeable (call me House) and I'm also stubborn/headstrong. Which means I sometimes butt heads with my doctor, but mostly I just trick them to avoid disagreement. For instance, the big one with pregnancy is that I am borderline gestational diabetic. But the gestational diabetes test is HORRIBLE (if you've had the first, but not the second, you've only gotten a small taste of it). So I prefer not to take it - especially since I already treat myself as a diabetic with diet and exercise and glucose checks. So when the doctor INSISTED I take the test last pregnancy I poured the sugary drink into my bag and passed with flying colors. ha ha. So anyway, the midwife today was looking at my records and was like "wow, 10/4, that was a huge baby you delivered. Were you diabetic?" And I'm like "noooooooo" and she's like "do you gain a lot of weight with the pregnancy? and I said "yes, a ton". So she inquires further, "do you eat a lot of sweets?" and now I feel a little trapped because if I say yes, I'll look stupid and if I say no she'll start to catch on that I am diabetic. So I hesitate big time... "ummmmmm. no" But I think she interpreted my hesitation as a guilty plea to eating junk food. So she proceeds to lecture me on healthy eating and I just smile and nod.

A few days ago I felt that my cervix was softening. It shouldn't do that for another couple months. So naturally I worried that it is turning into an incompetent cervix and I ALMOST went to the ER, but I kept monitoring it and it wasn't progressing so I figured I'd just wait til the appointment. I told her about the cervix. I don't think she thought much of it, but when she checked she agreed that it is shorter and put me in for an immediate ultrasound (lucky for me. They weren't going to do it otherwise and I was so looking forward to it). From what I could see on the ultrasound it looked OK to me but I'll find out for sure after the radiologist looks at it. Worst case scenario I get a stitch to hold it. But I think it's just my body preparing for labor (early).



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