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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm leaning towards an unassisted home birth

My husband thinks I'm crazy- he's unconvinced as of yet, but I've got plenty of time to convince him. My mother in law, who lives with us, is supportive and has a lot of experience to draw on. I wouldn't be terribly upset to end up at the hospital, but the balance is just starting to weigh towards home.

These are the reasons I want a home birth:

  • I've come to see birth as beautiful and sensual and a special moment I can share with my family at home.
  • I have come to see women's bodies as perfectly capable of delivering a baby and I'm particularly confident in my ability to birth a baby.
  • An increased sense of accomplishment/confidence in my ability to birth.

My husband is nervous because he said "I won't be in control". He is generally in control in all situations so I can see how that would scare him. But what a home birth really boils down to is control! For instance :
  • The hospital has policies on how many people can be there. 2-3 only.
  • They won't let me in the jacuzzi if my water has broken.
  • No pictures of the baby coming out allowed.
  • Higher chances of pitocin and C-section.
  • They won't let me eat or drink during labor!!! mad "Just in case" there is an emergency C-section. roll eyes
  • I want to push when I want and in whatever position I want. Even if they accommodate me, it would still probably mean explaining and/or defending myself while in transition. crazy2
  • In the hospital, they control who holds my baby and when. At home I control who holds my baby and when.
  • I'm not a big fan of all the somewhat unnecessary poking of my baby - particularly all the glucose checks they do because my babies are large - totally unnecessary in my opinion because the treatment for mild hypoglycemia is breastfeeding- which duh, I'll already be doing.

But of course, there are the pros to hospital birth:
  • If God-forbid something went wrong, the OR is RIGHT THERE. But in my defense, I live down the street from a hospital.
  • Their jacuzzi is really nice. (If I get a room with it and my water hasn't broken)
  • No clean up.
  • They wait on you hand and foot for two days. rock on

And the one deal breaker for me and home birth is being strep B positive. My friend's baby died of that this summer. (tears)



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