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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Christians are...

My pastor's sermon today was the shit. (I bet I'm the first person in the world to ever say that. tee hee). He spoke to the issue that is nearest and dearest to my heart right now. I'm very passionate about this issue. He addressed the issue of the perception of Christians (and our responsibilities regarding it). What does my generation associate with Christianity ?

91% say: Anti homosexual
87% say: Judgmental
85% say: Hypocritical

Other descriptive words that come to mind: old fashioned, too involved in politics, out of touch with reality, insensitive to others, boring, not accepting of other faiths. ~UnChristian

Isn't it sad when that is what people think of Christians instead of the love of Christ? How much time do we spend discussing with our friends and coworkers our opinion of the war in Iraq or immigration or homosexuality vs. the amount of time we've spent telling them what Jesus means to us? I can attest to the perception of my generation and it both saddens me and sickens me. I was beside myself with joy that my pastor exhorted us to remain focused on Jesus while unbending in our beliefs. Nothing frustrates me more than a judgmental Christian who spouts hatred and division.

"Christians are primarily perceived for what they stand against. We have become famous for what we oppose rather than who we are for." ~UnChristian

My church is a tiny little Baptist church -composed of a lot of old people. We're pretty quiet and, some might say boring, but days like today I KNOW God lead me to the right place. These people love God, my Pastor is grounded in the faith, and the fellowship time over food after the service means a lot to me, because it is a chance to actually get to know each other instead of just staring at the back of each other's heads. I love my church.

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